My First KickBoxing Lesson - What to expect?

The very first lesson can be daunting for some. My advice is, accept that you are a beginner and try to remember you are at the start of an exciting and rewarding journey towards becoming a Black Belt.


For your first lesson you will need:


Loose clothing i.e. T-shirt, jogging bottoms, leggings, shorts etc.  

A bottle of water

Yourself and a positive attitude! :-)


New students can attend 2 FREE trial classes, please call the instructor beforehand to confirm your place. You will need to complete and sign a licence application form before you start training. If you have any medical conditions, injuries or special requirements please inform the Instructor before the lesson starts. You do not need to purchase a licence unless you decide to stay training after your trial period. Lessons are paid with a monthly fee and there are NO contracts involved in becoming a Matrix Martial Arts student. 


Some people think that when they start KickBoxing they will get hurt or injured due to the heavy contact. P.U.M.A. KickBoxing is not like this. It is a semi-contact style of KickBoxing. This means during sparring students only make light contact with no aim to hurt anybody. This makes it suitable for both adults and children of all abilities. Everyone in the lesson is treated with respect. Full Power and strength are only used on pads and kick shields, not on people.



   Just come and experience a lesson for yourself,

the first TWO classes are FREE of charge!

CALL Matrix Martial Arts on  0787 666 8584 for more details