Juniors Age 7 - 12

Matrix Martial Arts provides fun, active and engaging KickBoxing lessons for children of all abilities.

Not only do the lessons enhance your child's fitness, they can also supplement your children's education. Studies have shown that Martial Arts gives children an increased sense of responsibility and self-esteem, as well as providing a safe environment for them to release their energy, learn self discipline and make new friends.









Lessons that extend beyond the classroom - Bullying

In common with other Martial Arts, Kickboxing is founded on the principle of respect: both respect for one's self, and for others. Children and young people in particular benefit from this aspect of kickboxing. Children are all-too easily led by their peers; and bullying and harassment are still a sad but common reality for children as they grow up. By developing their own self-respect and defence skills, your child can avoid becoming that easy target for the playground bully and can even become the role model that others seek to emulate, rather than one who simply follows the pack.

What other advantages are there for your child?


          Kickboxing will help your child to:


  • Increase their Confidence and Self-esteem

  • Increase their Fitness

  • Improve their Concentration & Discipline

  • Build Character

  • Have stronger Muscles and Bones.

  • Control their Weight

  • Be less likely to become Overweight

  • Reduce their Stress levels

  • Increase Stamina & Flexibility

  • Make New Friends

Life skills

An article on the website kidsexercise.co.uk states: "… participation in Martial Arts can help kids to develop confidence and increase their self-esteem. When children improve their social skills and learn to feel capable in one area of their lives, this confidence often spills over into other areas, increasing the likelihood that they will excel both personally and academically. Additionally, as kids progress in their training, many learn to take on leadership roles, helping younger students to master the skills involved in martial arts."



Gradings, Belt System & Competitions

The P.U.M.A Kickboxing syllabus uses a structured belt and grading system ensuring your child gets a great learning experience. There are regular gradings before an external examiner who will determine whether your child has reached the required abilty to gain their next belt.

The syllabus involves an element of sparring, which is strictly controlled and fully supervised.  Sparring is used as a tool to demonstrate all the techniques learnt in the lessons and the practical application of the movement, drills and positioning worked on in class. 

P.U.M.A hold several competitions anually in which any student holding a yellow stripe belt and above can take part.

Watching your child learn

Parents or guardians of junior students are encouraged to stay and watch the class. Matrix Martial Arts has an open door policy and believes it is extremely beneficial for the students if the parents are involved. 

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